Campingrules An't Waeter

Here is a summary of the rules:

●A mover is "Indispensable!"

It is not allowed to place an awning on your awning.

●It is not allowed to use our trees, hedges, bushes, tables, chairs, etc. (e.g. to: hang a tent, cloth or plastic over it, attach guy ropes or other cables/lines.)

●To keep costs as low as possible, it is mandatory to separate the waste in the appropriate bins.

● If you want to eat in our restaurant, this is possible during the season: see our opening hours on our site.

●You can reach the campsite between the buildings (by the shower/toilet building)              

Otherwise you can walk along the terrace by the water, there is a path here the waterfront!

All other entrances and passages are private</span >

● Please report to the reception upon arrival where you can check the applicable rates .              

And the camping regulations can also be found on the internet:

● The camping period lasts from 2 p.m. until the day of departure to noon at the latest.

Departures after 12 noon will be charged an extra day.</span >

● Visitors should always to report to reception.

Visitors of all ages pay 1.25 euros per person when registering. (we also charge for pet visits)

Premature Termination of your holiday 
As soon as you end your holiday before the deadline agreed with us,

we are forced to read the full  to charge costs, advise

we, for example, take out cancellation insurance… Or use the cancellation policy on the site.

  • Your reservation can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours after booking.
  • For reservations up to 48 hours before the start, it is immediately final and will be charged 100%
  • If canceled up to 30 days before date of arrival,t 20% of the total reservation charged in.
  • Up to 14 days before the arrival date, 50% of the total reservation will be charged brought.
  • Up to 7 days before the arrival date, 70% of the total reservation will be charged.
  • If canceled later or if you do not show up (no-show) the total reservation will be charged.
  • ·When booking 3 rooms/camping pitches or more all specified terms are doubled.

* You can of course always have someone else take over your reservation!


Camping Rules of An't Waeter

These rules are intended for our guests hangs in such a place where everyone is expected to be aware of it.

Dear guests,
These general rules is intended to make your stay at our campsite - and that of your fellow campers - as pleasant as possible.


Your arrival at the site
Please report to the reception upon arrival, where you can check the applicable rates in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Place your tent/caravan in consultation with the administrator, as much as possible in the middle of your place.   The campsite becomes

Accessed by new guests from 2pm. You must clear your camping equipment from the campsite by 12 noon

You may bring your car to your camping pitch to place or remove your caravan/tent. Furthermore, your car should

to be parked in the designated parking spaces.

On your caravan may be placed on the paved area with an awning or awning. both at the same time due to the size of the campsite is not possible and therefore not allowed. No other objects may be built or placed outside the awning or awning (with the exception of chairs and tables, provided that you clear the objects in the awning/awning when you leave the campsite during the day). give with a light, e.g. on solar energy.

Dishes and antennas
</span >Dishes and antennas are allowed, placed on or directly behind the caravan (not in front of or next to or with long cables), so that nobody is inconvenienced by this.                                   


Pets only in consultation and maximum 1 pet per caravan /tent. The animals may not be left alone on our property.
Dogs/cats roaming free are not allowed: they must always be kept on a leash of a maximum of 2 meters and

should be walked as far outside the campsite as possible. If your pet needs to go to the camping site due to circumstances, you are obliged to clean it up immediately. Dogs/cats that have not been vaccinated against rabies are not allowed on the campsite. Finally, would you like to point out to your visitors that they are not allowed to bring pets. 

If you bring (several) pets without consultation, then we can refuse you at our campsite without further explanation and charge you the full amount of the reservation.                                                                 

Keep the grounds and buildings clean and do not damage them. Children under 6 years of age please do not use unaccompanied

have toilet and washing facilities made. Please report irregularities. toilet buckets can be emptied in the chemical toilet area

outside the toilet block . Only place your household waste in closed garbage bags in the designated household waste depots, please glass,

Hand in plastic, old paper and green waste separately.

Sound equipment and TV are only allowedif they cannot be heard on the adjacent box.

These should always report to the reception. They have access to the campsite from   09:00 to 22:30 and are deemed to be on

Be aware of the rules that appear on the camping etc. apply.   

The power supplied to you is 6 AMP, which comes down to 1320 watts. Make sure that your caravan is also secured for a maximum of 6 AMP

and is equipped with an RCD


Insofar as not described in these regulations applies the maxim:     

don't cause a nuisance to others and follow the normal rules of conduct.

Have a nice stay!

On behalf of Fam. Schelhaas


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