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Pieter Jongschaap Here you can rent an electric bicycle, whisper boats, sloops and canoes, but there is also a spacious party ship available for various day or afternoon trips through Northwest Overijssel.
Tiemen Vaartjes Rondvaartbedrijf Varen with a specially built flat-bottomed tour boat. Straight through the reed beds and swamp forests of the Weerribben.
In good weather we sail in an open boat, in less good weather the boat is closed if necessary heated.
Sailing in De Wieden You have to see De Wieden from the water. There are all kinds of possibilities. For example, sail along to the drowned village of Beulake or along the blooming meadows in June. All boating excursions depart from De Wieden Visitor Center.
Ten Veen two-wheelers For rental and purchase of bicycles: Oldemarkt: Kruisstraat 49 0561-451285
Walk and cycle in De Weerribben! Various walking and cycling routes. A nice start in De Weerribben and weeding the Weerribben area, starts on the Wetering at An't Waeter. Within cycling distance, Giethoorn, Blokzijl, Steenwijk, Oldemarkt, Vollenhove, etc
Bicycle rental Zeinstra Blokzijl Steenwijkerweg 1, 8356 VM Blokzijl Phone:0527 291 362
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The Karstenhoeve "GORGEOUS GLASS" and "A FRAGILE PAST" In the brilliance of light you can enjoy an exhibition of glass utensils. 2. "BETWEEN THE SHEETS AND UNDER THE PILLOW" A look behind the box bed doors of solid sheets


With 30 hectares, the Grote Otterskooi is the largest duck decoy in Europe.


Buitencentrum Weerribben is the starting point for a boat trip with a covered tour boat, whisper boat or canoe in the Weerribben-Wieden National Park. Or a walking or cycling trip. With peace, reed and space. Come and have a look inside first to see more outside.


De Oude Aarde, the gemstone center Go on a journey of discovery in the museum, become a gold digger and defy the crocodiles! The quest along wondrous crystals takes you into the fascinating world of gems and fossils from the depths of the earth.


Museum the old town hall on Urk Museum the old town hall has a beautiful collection that shows the Urk culture and its traditions.


Schokland Island on dry land is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island offers you a unique combination of cultural history and nature.


Spectacular view from the water tower of Sint Jansklooster Climb the water tower on the edge of the Wieden! A spectacular staircase takes you to a height of 45 meters where four windows give a 360-degree view of this unique nature. 


The City Museum Vollenhove is a place where visitors can experience the history of the City and Ambt Vollenhove. A logical start for a visit to Vollenhove!
The history spans ten centuries, and can be roughly divided into the time of the bishops of Utrecht as lord of the land, the time of the nobility who made the city of Vollenhove the 'city of palaces' and the heyday of fishing on the Zuiderzee.


The De Wieden visitor center is located in the first farm on the Beulakerpad in Sint Jansklooster. It is an ideal starting point for a day out in the Weerribben-Wieden National Park. In the visitor center you will find information about routes and boat trips and activities for children . You can watch a film about De Wieden.


Giethoorn! Bustling cosiness, the Dutch Venice and the place to rent a boat. We are of course talking about Giethoorn. This Overijssel water district village is the perfect place for a day trip.


Fairground and circus museum In the middle of the picturesque town of Steenwijk, within walking distance of the railway station. A unique and cozy museum where the visitor will find a new surprise in every corner.


Orchideeën Hoeve Imagine yourself in a tropical paradise, in the middle of Flevoland! In the place Luttelgeest is a beautiful garden full of orchids, tropical birds and butterflies. It is always summer in these greenhouses. So much more than just Orchids!


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Haus Franka Zillertal Looking for a pleasant and pleasant accommodation in the Zillertal for your holiday or do you want to get away from it all and leave the everyday routine behind? Our house is located at the foot of the Talbach waterfall, in a perfectly peaceful and calm world of mountains. With us you can enjoy the splendor of the Alps and experience an unforgettable time of total rest and relaxation. Our house is surrounded by beautiful mountains and alpine meadows.


Gites les Lignons The best way to enjoy the real French life at very reasonable prices.
The gites (French holiday homes) are located on the edge of the National Forest "Forêt de la Braconne".
This forest is located between the capital Angoulême and la Rochefoucauld, in the Charente department.



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