Our camp site is really mini, meaning, there can normally four caravans stand on paved areas. (awning / canopy is paved, plastic sail is unnecessary and not allowed!)
Because the site is so small we do not have season places!
Caravan is a minimum booking of one week, tents can be from one day. (we do not have a camper places)
We have electricity (6A) for caravans and also internet (wi-fi) is available.
There is a women's and men's toilet and shower.
From our site you can explore the weerribben both from the water and by bicycle.
Alternatively, you can take a trip to eg. Giethoorn (7 km), Blokzijl (7km)
Steenwijk (10km), Vollenhove (14 km), Oldemarkt (8 km), Kalenberg (4 km) Scheerwolde (3 km), Muggenbeet (3 km), nature reserve De Wieden (6 km), Nature's Rottige Meente (10 km)
All four sites have water views and sit up the farest at 15 meters of water.
There is room for everyone to fish (remember the fish pass) and in consultation can also be constructed a small boat.
And you do not feel like cooking, you can sit down on the terrace or restaurant!
eg. for a delicious pancake with eg. bacon, bell pepper, onion, mushroom and cheese.

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