Socially responsible business

In a time like this, an important topic, especially since we do business and live in one of the most beautiful natural areas in the Netherlands.

We see it as our duty to leave our environment as good as possible to our children.

What starts first, with taking away the plastic packaging left behind, but also non-biodegradable wipes and even tires or other plastic.

In addition, we started looking, in terms of purchasing.

At breakfast we also try to throw away as little as possible: if there is not enough, you can always ask for it.

What is left over goes to the day care center in the neighborhood, where the goats, chickens and cows still eat from it.

So we find it important (also seen as an ex-farmer) that products, if possible, come from the Netherlands. (There is no other country in the world where animal welfare is so important and where there are so many controls on animal welfare, controls on slaughter, vaccination, spraying and quality).

Finding Dutch meat or vegetables is quite a challenge, with fewer and fewer farmers in our country.

We also find it important that fish is caught as much as possible from e.g. the North Sea, to support Dutch fishermen. (And also here we have maximum control and many energy saving measures, taken in recent years compared to abroad)

After the previous steps, it was the turn of the energy, as first, a few years ago, we have banned all halogen lamps and replaced them with LED lights.

As soon as something has to be insulated, we use special (airplane) foil, which is thin and contains an extra insulation value.

When replacing doors and windows, we choose triple glazing, which provides extra warmth inside in the winter, but also keeps the heat out in the summer.

In the apartments and the restaurant kitchen, gas will be replaced by induction cooking plates.


After that we placed solar collectors on our barn, with which we can generate part of our own energy.

And last year we installed 3 solar water heating systems. These can provide us with hot water in the summer and in the winter, together with a pellet boiler, they keep the building frost-free.


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