Our terrace

Our terrace is on the water and a lot of boats sail past it during the summer
We always say: "the water always lives"
When we started in 1998, we tried out different products,
We have continued this same principle in recent years and only sell
products that we ourselves also support.

Among other things, we have Apple Cakes from the real bakery and Arabica
coffee beans, which are ground per cup of coffee. (therefore always delicious
fresh coffee whenever you come. ) We bake the pancakes ourselves and the meatball is homemade too.
This way we try to serve the best of everything on the table.

Terrace an't waeter is great for your barbecue or party? We can summer
cater groups up to about 60 people, The meat that is put on the barbecue
used comes from the real butcher. this also guarantees quality here!

If you are a nature lover, you are definitely in the right place!
If you go hiking with us in the morning or in the evening, you can come across a number of deer and numerous species of birds that occur in the Weerribben and / or the Wieden.

Certainly when you are cycling in the weather ribs on a nice summer day, come and try the delicious coffee + apple pie from the bakery, eat out or a delicious strawberry sundae with whipped cream.

Come and enjoy our terrace!


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